What I've done before

I've been practising medicine for over twenty years

I’ve worked in most specialities within medicine, including psychiatry, emergency medicine, general surgery, general medicine, infectious diseases and palliative care. I've worked in both the UK and Australia. General Practice is by far the most impactful, rewarding and difficult field to work in.

I’ve been playing with computers for over thirty years

I've spent hours with my brother building computer games on our BBC micro. I can build websites using html, css, javascript. I'm reasonably comfortable with SQL. I deeply understand engineers, pm's and data scientists and can work effectively in highly regulated fast paced environments.

I've been in healthtech for almost ten years

In 2016 I joined a small digital health company called babylon health 🪦 as employee #52

I built and managed a large team of doctors and epidemiologists. I co-designed and implemented babylon’s

  • probabilistic graphical model
  • post-market surveillance framework
  • numerous other clinical products and services.

Here's what I do now

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